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The Science

The Iron Chest Master® was created by Ron Williams who combined six of the most popular and effective chest exercises. Ron studies each of these exercises and took note of their beneficial attributes and consolidated the best properties of each exercise into one piece of equipment giving you the ability to maximize the full chest capacity.


  • The Power Position® and strength of the Bench Press (to get even more rapid results you can increase the resistance by adding the Iron Chest Straps).
  • The individuality of each side of the body carrying its own weight or resistance like the Dumbbell Press.
  • The ability to concave the chest allowing you to capitalize on the pectoral deltoid tie-ins like the Push-Up.
  • The arc like what you get when using the Pec Deck, but without the pressure and strain that is placed on the elbow joint.
  • The movement of the Dumbbell Fly without the instability, plus a continuous increase in resistance throughout the entire range of motion; whereas the Fly has decreased resistance at the top of the repetition. This makes the Iron Chest Master® safer and more productive for the body.
No Resistance — No Results!! The Iron Chest Master was developed with 6 Iron Power Contractors that produce resistance, so that you build muscle, definition, strength, and endurance so quickly that you will be amazed. Once you “Feel the Arc” you will never feel the same about your current exercises.